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A seven-year journey to get here. We reached 700 episodes and this very special one is just me. You get a summary of the not-so-obvious lessons from the Inc 5000 founders and CEOs. These lessons will challenge you and what you think to be right. I’m fine with pushing you to see a new perspective. You will discover lessons from proven leaders that have been in the top 1 percent in terms of revenue growth. Some of these are behind-the-scenes issues that sabotage my clients. Some are directly from interviews on the show. The most important thing is understanding even just one of these seven lessons will give you more power and clarity to be a more confident leader. They will guide you to extraordinary results. The not-so-obvious lessons in leadership will allow you to think about how you are able to evolve in each of the seven areas. Join me today in this very special — number 700 — and lean in to see which message is the breakthrough you need. You don’t have to be one of the Inc 5000 founders to benefit from these lessons. We all need these seven insights.

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