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Welcome to our podcast where we explore the transformative power of hiring employees with a growth mindset. Today's guests are John Shelman & Jonathan Nichols, Co-owners of JJ Safety. Inc Magazine ranked their company #4650 on the 2023 Inc 5000 list. JJ Safety provides the best-in-class safety audit strategy consulting for contractors who are required to be a part of online systems. With a focus on "Growth Mindset," John & Jonathan delve into strategies and best practices for identifying and recruiting individuals who embrace challenges and thrive on continuous development. Join us as we uncover how fostering a culture that values a growth mindset can lead to greater innovation, resilience, and success. Through insightful interviews and practical advice, we provide actionable insights to help you build a team of adaptable and forward-thinking individuals. Tune in to learn how hiring employees with a growth mindset can drive organizational growth and cultivate a dynamic and thriving workplace culture.

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