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A true leader brings people together. As leaders during this particular time of the rise of remote and hybrid work, one of the top priorities right now should be bringing people together to achieve common goals. Knowing they are part of a team can help employees develop a positive attitude about their work and develop strong relationships with their colleagues. Both of which can result in higher morale and a better work environment. Today’s guests are Cameron Allavendi and Hamza Kahn, leaders of GetUrns. Inc Magazine ranked their company #528 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. GetUrns is an online retailer featuring quality, customizable cremation urns, and cremation jewelry to honor loved ones with compassion, support, and guidance. In this episode, Cameron and Hamza talk about bringing people together and spending time and effort to listen to their aspirations. They also talk about asynchronous collaboration and the evolution of processes. Tune in to discover how bringing people together helps grow your company.


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