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Getting back employee alignment is crucial for organizations to thrive and achieve their goals. By fostering a culture of transparency, open communication, and shared vision, organizations can reestablish employee alignment and create a cohesive workforce. Today's guest is Gleb Polyakov, Co-founder, and CEO at Nylas. Inc Magazine ranked his company #1823 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. Nylas is a software company providing easy access to critical communications data and the only platform giving developers universal access to email, calendar, and contacts providers through a single integration. In this episode, Gleb delves into practical strategies, and real-life examples to help leaders in getting back the employee alignment and create an environment where every individual's goals align with the organization's mission. Join us as we uncover the key drivers of employee alignment and provide actionable insights to bridge the gap and reignite the collective commitment towards organizational objectives. Discover how investing in employee alignment leads to increased productivity, engagement, and positive work culture, ultimately propelling your organization to new heights of success.


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