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There are many avenues to an organization's success, but the process often starts with having the right people required for growth. Invest your time, resources, and energy to get the right people required on the bus, and you will have fewer headaches, expenses, and flat tires later. Today’s guest is Donovan Farrow, Founder, and CEO at Alias Infosec. Inc Magazine ranked his company #2068 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. Alias Infosec is a cybersecurity service specializing in custom prevention, detection, and response solutions to protect clients from cyber threats, attacks, and risks. In this episode, Donovan talks about the right people required for growth. He also shared his journey when he had to reboot, back when he did not have the right people in the right places. Donovan gets real and shares how you can improve your hiring process. Tune-in to our conversation to get the steps he had learned that work for their company.


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