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Passion makes a difference and if you want to have a passionate, inspired workforce, it begins with you: the leader. Leading passionate people also requires passion. Passionate leaders motivate and inspire their people to be the best they can be and put as much of their best self, as they can into achieving their goals. Today’s guest is Shawn Lankton, Founder, and CEO at CoreView. Inc Magazine ranked his company #1388 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. CoreView is a software platform helping IT teams manage oversight of their Microsoft 365 environment by providing management solutions. In this episode, Shawn talks about leading passionate people and why it's such a critical factor in the company's growth. He also talks about how as a leader, you have to want to do the actual work and figure out where every employee's passion lies. Motivating team members to act toward achieving a shared goal and leading passionate people to help them realize their highest potential. Discover how sharing stories with team members about the impact you have on the customers and the value of the services you all give can make a difference and serve as an inspiration to others.


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