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Company values play a crucial part in how the company is shaped and grows. It is vital to start using your values in the early stages of building your company and consider them in your hiring strategy. When employees find their organizational values aligned with principles and values, this environment helps them connect deeply. Today’s guest is Nehal Kaiser, Founder, and CEO of Blue Hammer Roofing. Inc Magazine ranked his company #17 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. Blue Hammer Roofing are expert in hail, wind, tornado, and storm-based roof repairs and replacements with millions of dollars in repairs performed every year. They are dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience while protecting your home with high-quality roofing that lasts for a long time. In this episode, Kaiser talks about using your values to create growth and how to align people around it. He also talks about how values are designed for difficult times. Discover how using your values help people remember what makes the company special, and what the team stands for.


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