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Your team matters more than you know, and as a leader, you'll have to play a more direct role in ensuring the team works well together. One of the most important roles is helping them improve their confidence. Part of the ways on how to build a confident team is to empower them and build them up emotionally. Today we ask our guest, Brett Stevens, founder, and CEO of FOHSE, Inc., to join us for a conversation on how to build a confident team. Inc Magazine ranked his company #19 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list with 14,708% 3-Year Growth. FOHSE. is a rising star in indoor horticulture lighting application and research. They are the leading manufacturer of high-performance LED grow lights designed for cannabis cultivation. In this episode, Brett shares how to build a confident team and what does it takes to create high-level growth. He also talks about the importance of hiring people with emotional maturity. Discover these most effective strategies to maximize your company's growth.


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