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Younger workers in today’s world want to be part of something meaningful. Some advantages of being mission-driven are easy to see. Mission-driven companies get extra press (more than their peers). They attract top talent, which gives them a real advantage. When you understand mission-driven companies, you can leverage the benefits for the benefit of everyone. Today’s guest is James Schmachtenberger, CEO and co-founder at Neurohacker Collective. Inc Magazine ranked his company #412 on the 2020 Inc 5000 list. Neurohacker Collective was founded in 2015 with the mission of creating best-in-class well-being products by employing a unique methodology to research and development based on complex systems science. James shared with me the benefits of mission-driven companies. He is open and forthcoming in this interview. We look beyond the traditional advantages to mission-driven companies. This interview will give you clues to creating a fast growth company with a mission-driven team.

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