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Are you a high-performing leader, and you love to learn? I am attending the Inc5000 Conference in Phoenix this week. I stumbled upon three colleges clustered together and was reminded of my college years. I didn't always love the process of learning. When you are forced to learn things that you don't have much interest in to get good grades, it is hard to stay focused on learning. After college, I discovered a love for learning. I got to learn what I wanted, and it increased my value too.

Today, I am going to share this video that has a special tip for high-performing leaders. I work with high-performing leaders that often are founders and CEOs on the Inc 5000 list. These high-performers love to learn. I would bet you have people on your team that love to learn too. Do you take the time to support their learning? This is an opportunity that you might be missing. Imagine being a part of their love for learning. If you want high-performers, cultivate their learning by taking time to listen to what they want to learn about. Don't make excuses about the distractions that often get in the way of giving time to your team of potential high-performers.

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