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Do you want to develop internal leaders on your teams?

Companies are struggling to find people that will go beyond managing tasks to real leadership. You may have talented people in our organization; however, there is a serious need for more internal leaders that can inspire their people and create breakthrough results. After working with HyperGrowth companies over the last six years, I have seen this grow in need. In fact, when I talked and interviewed 51 CEOs from the 2017 Inc 5000 list, I discovered that 82% of companies see developing internal leaders as an essential component to staying relevant and thriving in today's world.

Today I share with you why internal leaders are so important and give you one simple way to start that process today. I call it "shared goals." Shared goals is a process of finding out what someone wants and aligning it with the goals of the company. See what I mean in today's podcast.

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