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Before you think about hiring a coach for yourself or someone on your team, you want to think about the value of coaching. I hired a coach in the first two years of launching my business, and it was a powerful experience that helped me create a five million dollar business by year three. I would say that the value of coaching is priceless when you decide to transform from the inside out. You have to be ready for new insight and be prepared to be challenged. My guest today is Tony Whalen, Founder, and CEO of Vision33. His company was ranked #812 in the 2012 Inc 5000 list. Even more impressive is the fact that they have been honored to be on the Inc 5000 eight times over the life of the company. We talk about the value of coaching from his experience. Tony is not a client of mine here to tell you about me. I was not his coach. When we talked, I was intrigued by how he saw the value of coaching. Listen in to our conversation so that you can better understand what your value of coaching could be.

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