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Leadership and innovation are much more than just inventing new creations. It is about figuring out how to add value to an organization and, like with most practices, reaching mastery of leadership and innovation starts within the person herself- or himself. It is the ability to inspire productive action in yourself and empower others during times of creation, invention, uncertainty, and risk. Today’s guest is Erik Huberman, Founder, and CEO at Hawke Media. Inc Magazine ranked his company #3503 on the 2022 Inc 5000 list. Hawke Media is a digital marketing agency creating custom performance-driven solutions for businesses, helping them to launch, scale, and invigorate their brand. In this episode, Erik talks about the ups and downs of leadership and innovation. He also talks about fault starts, and how it became a part of his journey. Learn how challenging and empowering your employees is an essential condition to keep them engaged, motivated, and interested in your company.


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