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Getting your employees to want to do the work is very different than just getting them to do the work. You may think it is semantics, but getting your employees to want to do the work has tremendous power. Leadership is a journey of getting your employees to see their highest potential and live their best lives. I find that employees that want to do the work when they feel that that work will align with their personal goals. They also want to create value for the organization that gets them recognized. Today's interview is with Justin Bakes, co-founder of Forward Financing. This company was #404 out of 5000 in the 2018 Inc List. They grew 1,238 percent in the previous three years. Justin shares the steps in getting your employees to want to do the work. We talk about the mistakes in this endeavor. I hope that as a leader, you can understand the power of getting employees to think for themselves.

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