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Defining a culture early may not seem important with all the tasks of an early-stage start-up. Many other things may seem more important than defining a culture early. However, when you have a solid base to build on, it is easier. One big reason is that each person you hire is essential at the beginning of any company — you want to make sure you get it right. Today’s guest is Erin Willet, a Managing Partner at Assured Consulting Solutions. Inc Magazine ranked this company #746 on the 2020 Inc list. This is their third consecutive year on the list. Assured Consulting Solutions delivers solutions and architectures that use leading-edge concepts and technologies that help their clients take advantage of the opportunities associated with large data sets. Erin shares why defining a culture early has been so crucial to creating a company to grow fast. We look at the foundational elements of culture in an early-stage business. Discover why defining a culture early will help you lead a company that serves your clients well too.

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