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Companies that promote from within have a competitive advantage over those that rely heavily on external recruitment. Creating a culture where you promote from within is an effective way to improve employee retention and build a more engaged and loyal workforce. It demonstrates a commitment to employee growth and development, which can lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation. To promote from within, organizations must have a clear career progression plan and offer opportunities for upskilling and professional development. Today's guests are Tom Carolan, Co-founder and CEO and Jennifer Rollins, the Senior HR Advisor at Digital Market Media. Inc Magazine ranked their company #2276 and recipient of the Power Partners Award. Digital Market Media is a national award-winning performance marketing company that enables the world's leading brands to acquire valuable new customers at scale. Providing media buying, lead generation, and live transfer calls for the insurance, financial services, and healthcare sectors. In this podcast, Tom and Jennifer talk about the benefits when organizations promote from within and create a culture that fosters career growth and advancement opportunities. They also talk about shared goals and values alignment. Tune in to learn more about creating a culture where you promote from within and strategies for developing and retaining top talent.


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