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Values-driven leadership is the cornerstone of a healthy organizational culture, shaping its identity and guiding its actions. In this illuminating podcast episode, we explore the critical role of Values-Driven Leadership in cultivating a strong and cohesive workplace environment. Today's guest is Grant Hensel, CEO of Nonprofit Megaphone. Inc Magazine ranked his company #1177 on the 2023 Inc 5000 list. Nonprofit Megaphone helps over 600 nonprofit organizations maximize the value of their Google and Microsoft Ad Grant programs. In this episode, Grant delves into the significance of aligning leadership practices with core values, emphasizing its profound impact on employee engagement and organizational performance. Join us as we uncover practical strategies and real-world examples demonstrating how Values-Driven Leadership fosters trust, integrity, and collaboration within teams. Discover how embracing Values-Driven Leadership can propel your organization toward greater success and sustainability.


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