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Delegating the right way is a constant challenge. I see leaders that try to support their people in delegation that believe they have to give the step-by-step to ensure clarity. This may be the case for new employees or new areas that an employee is asked to get involved. However, step-by-step delegation is rarely the best way to delegate. Proper delegate is about painting a clear outcome for the project. This is a shift for many people, but share with your employee the goal you want with this delegation. Give them a vivid view of the vision you see for this project -- what it will look like when done. You also want to share why you are delegating this work to them -- share with them their skill set or mindset that made you select them. You also want to give the purpose of doing this project. When you delegate the purpose, you allow the person to see how this task or project fits into the growth plans. Delegating outcomes is better than delegating step-by-step.

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