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Company values are often taken for granted. We take time to develop values with our teams (I hope you include your team). We talk about them for a while. Then we let them fade away into the background. Our guest today is Dina Dwyer, the CEO of The Dwyer Group - a group of companies. These brands provide a diverse array of specialty services through more than 3,100 franchises in nine countries. Dina shares why values are so critical to growth. Discover more about values than the traditional conversation going on these days.

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In the podcast interview with Daymond John, we talked about leadership and growing fast companies. We got to a point in the interview when I asked him about productivity. The moment shifted as he got intense about success in today’s distracted world. John looked me in the eye and told me that he constantly makes a conscious effort to set goals, rather than letting other people set goals for him. "I think it's the number-one reason for success or failure," he added.

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We are always learning. Learning is the basis for growth. I have always had an interest in learning modalities and what would take my retention to a new level. My guest today is more than a multi-talented musician, juggler, and speaker. Bronkar Lee is an expert in the domain of learning. We talk about how he challenges himself to learn. Bronkar shares small tips to increase your learning speed and capacity.

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Do you have real employee engagement inside your company? Think about that for a second. As a leader, do you know how engaged everyone within your team is at the work they're doing? It's not about satisfaction and it's not about being bean bag chairs and all those things you may think it is. It is about them being committed to the success of the company. Committed to the goals of the organization and how they're showing up everyday.

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Innovation is not a buzz word. Innovation is necessary in our world of ever-changing tech, marketing, and customer expectations. Discover how to develop a culture of innovation with Josh Linkner. Josh is a renowned speaker and helps audiences see innovation from a different perspective.

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Do you want to build an elite team of superstars that support you and your clients? I bet you do. Having a great team is the dream of leadership. Author of “The Best Team Wins;” Adam Robinson is the co-founder and CEO of Hireology, driving his mission to help business owners make better hiring decisions using predictive data and innovative technology.

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Values are the heart of leadership. If you are not clear about your values, how can you expect others around you to be clear? Brian Falchuck shares how leadership and values relate. Listen in for more details on how clarifying values transforms the way you show up as a Leader.

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Creating content for your brand has become a necessary part of sharing your message and building your community. You also want to re-purpose your content into the right channels. Today's interview is with Brian Wright is on how to repurpose content. Discover why it is important and how to make the most of it.

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The Evolution of Public Relations (PR) has been needed for years now. In fact, I still get nearly 100 pitches per month to be on my show. 99% of them are old-school approaches to share their amazing client. It is rare that any of them actually take the time to do anything specific to me. The guest today is Donna Cravotta with Social Pivot PR. Donna shares her wisdom on the changes in the industry and what that means for you.

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The use of Internal Brand Ambassadors is not new and yet so few have used this strategy well. One company that has embraced their employees to be Brand Ambassadors is Salesforce. Our guest is Ludo Ulrich who is the chief in charge of developing deeper awareness in the startup community about the company, products and services offered by Salesforce. Ludo shares how he has developed this role and the importance for the organization.

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